What is serenity, if you don’t acknowledge its meaning in your life. We express our serenity in what we do; how we carry ourselves around, how we talk, how we dress, itโ€™s basically what we do in our daily lives and even in the nature around us.

I express my serenity mainly in my passion for fashion and my artistry. Like the day, calm it was. The picturesque nature of the environment generated an inspiring interest.

I wore a baby brown flawless maxi skirt, a navy blue laced body-con dress, which in this case, was another way of wearing a dress; under a skirt! I finished the wear with an irresistible pair of baby pink heels. My locs were held back in a bun. Accessories were not also a miss out. The choker lowered down the maturity of the look with studded earrings and not to forget a watch.

Confidence is key in a look. Wear it, don’t let it wear you.

Yours truly,



Photography by: Dorsy Aluoch.

Location: Milimani, Kisumu.

Dress and make-up: Myself.

Shoes: Backyard.


Mary Obondi

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