Hello and good afternoon from this side of the lakeside region where we land with pride and ooze elegance. 2019 looks good at this end, I hope it’s working out for you too.

As you can see, It is just the beginning of the year and we are out here serving awesomeness and turning heads in plain sight. Besides from the massive heat in United States of Kisumu and our flawless heat-generating bodies, we are all but thankful that we are here. Happy new year 2019 by the way!


We all have resolutions that we want to accomplish and achieve. These resolutions are not necessarily at the beginning of the year but anytime we need a change. It is always recommended to have a reset button to refresh your RAM memory.

As a matter of fact, better goals are achieved when written down and writing it in blue ink makes it easier to remember. A life hack dropped like a bomb and you’re welcome. The more you make your dreams known in your mind on a daily basis, it will soon be a natural alarm clock and you will find it easy to consummate them. You are a better person each day as long as you have goals.

So grab yourself a notebook, make a beautiful heading and jot down them goals like crazy. Make your dreams a reality! Speaking of goals, Manchester United is steadily rising up which dumbfounds my heart.

Therefore, this year, enjoy yourself, have your crazy self going up and about and make endless memories. It is a new page, own it, rent it and if possible make an estate and make money. Do not forget to always say a prayer to the Most High and most of all, be a believer. And thou shall say AMEN

Mary Obondi

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