Here I am today, chock-full with emotions mostly love and listening to my preferred Blues collection of Stevie Wander, Lionel Richie, Roxette, and Mariah McKee. I do not usually open up about my relationships, anyone who knows me knows that piece of fact. But hey, it’s my blog…rubber duck!!

In this day and age, we the human race is afraid of falling in love and going out of our way to feel something for a significant other. It actually got me having the scholar in me thinking about Lawrence Kohlberg’s stages of moral development in Psychology. People still have egocentrism in them, a stage that should have been passed in the toddler stage. People are self-centered especially when it comes to showing love and affection.

The main agenda in people’s mind is “what they think” not what I want. Matters dwindle especially when social media acceptance from the public is involved and strongly needed. We all want opinions from others before we think about introducing a partner on the platform. I’m telling you, if you truly love someone or he or she means so much to you, then you should not give a tosspot, not one iota!

Commitment is between two people. When you decide to be a couple, there are things you promise each other. It is only evident and reasonable that there will be times where trials will be put in your way. That is where we go wrong, by forgetting that we indeed made an agreement with each other.

And people, no one is perfect. Pick that headache that you cannot stop thinking about that you so much love, and start taking your medicine as early as now. There is nothing as good as sticking to that one person who makes you a better person and makes time still when you are together. Choose that person who causes instant happiness even in your lowest moments, that is where your heart lies. If you play that man or woman like a ball, there will be a goalkeeper who will catch that ball. You will not like it when you see the highlights!!

Mary Obondi

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