My blog is now into the third year of accomplishment. However, I don’t think I inaugurated or described my blog quite well to the public. When I thought of opening my blog, it sounded more of an afterthought.  Until I took it in and after receiving laurels from people about my many flairs.

The intention of a blog to be an e-space where one can portion out his or her views that exceed a normal social media platform post. To me, my blog is in comparison to a journal or diary if you like, where I’m consciously thinking aloud and desire for people to actually know what I’m saying. I show my personality through my blog; who I am, my thoughts and feelings, what I do in my daily life and what I wear as well.

My blog is interdenominational, for lack of better words. It all starts with thanking the Lord for being a multitalented child. YRAM, its name, entails my wish to show the world how well I’m talented, with a comprehensive step by step process of how my talents come to life if it can at all be explained through words and pictures. Talents being art and fashion design, and skills being graphic design and reviews.

I always believe that I can account for my talents, even though it is the contrary. I feel the need to make my readers out there; who think that they were not so lucky with talents to have a sense of owning one. And as much as I would want to explain my talents, pictures also have to do their fair share of telling the story as well.

My love for fashion and art has been on my trail since birth. I had all the time in my junior years to experiment on fashion and artistry. Now almost on my self-actualization, I’m in my prime years and on a full interview with the world because you are my best judges. On the other hand, talking about technology and marketing came as an interest. I operate a smartphone and not a landline so I ought to know its specifications and uniqueness, right?!

So as much as there is a reader whose interest lies in either of the fields, my work is to make you feel at home. That is my number one priority hence the blog. Just as it is said, there is something for everyone. No boredom in this space!!

Pictures by Dorsy Obondi



Mary Obondi

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