Zenosyne is termed as the sense that time keeps going faster.

We all grow up. The dreams and goals we had when we were itsy-bitsy children. Playing with soil and having the time of our lives in the rain… may not be the same. Our little hands and tiny feet that people used to admire and feel like they could eat them up and kiss. And the tickle that came after the ‘abujubujuu’, are all grown and big now. Most of the adventures we had when toddlers with our childhood friends are mostly different… because we all grow up.

The moments and recollection we had with our parents and families, sitting on their laps and drifting off in sleep are not the same now, instead, the cycle is revamping and now children are drifting off in our laps. We all grow up, remember being tied for your shoes? I guess now the song is different, you are the one who is now bending to tie your own shoes. How has time flown so fast… I guess we all grow up.

Think back to when you dreaded being taken to boarding school every term. Thinking in your mind of when you will ever get out of that place. All the memories as well as encounters that made your four years there. I presume you are now glad because no one is taking you back there, only to get your certificate… due to the fact that you grew up. Instead, you are now doing the visiting, to your younger ones and keeping their hopes up that they will soon be done with that phase in life.

We all grow up. We are no longer in clubs and bars like in our younger youth. Fresh from high school and loving the life of a thousand lights, having the walk of shame at dawn with red eyes and tired feet from dancing the whole night. We are now chilled and preferably listen to jazz and live bands, have a yen for more relaxed and sophisticated friends high up the social ladder. We no longer rave and do night outs like we used to do, we are now drawn towards the Lord, drinking from His Word, and learning from the Holy book, singing a different song, that of praise. Because we all grow up.

The artless nature we had with our first relationship, wanting to please the other half. Always calling and desiring to hear from the other person. Being so in love you think that you cannot do without him or her. What can you say now? People are all changed, all grown. We no longer have time for that. Presently we are hard-headed, stone-cold and wished we were that way in our past situationships because we like our current self. We are all grown up.

We have all changed and grown, but remember, the Lord is still the same. Since you were a child until your current time. He is still the same. Keep that.

Location: House of Transformation

Photography: Dorsy Obondi

Mary Obondi

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