img-20160907-wa0011A family is the greatest gift from God. East or West, Home is best, that is, Family is the best destination. All the support comes from them first.img-20160907-wa0019Particularly when there is a celebration, we all converge and celebrate together. There will be laughter,tears of joy, merry-making and to grace the occasion, a word of Prayer and The Word. Food follows! img-20160907-wa0033But at the end of it all, there are memories, kept in all kinds of forms. We all look back, smile and focus ahead. God bless my Family.

Lots of love,


Mary Obondi

6 thoughts on “FAMILY

  1. This is so Beautiful dear. Great, such brief words with so much meaning. Lovely pictures. Thanks Much, your family loves you and wishes you all the best. God bless.

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