Whenever I feel the need to explore another life, wander into another dimension, I read books. They have such an interesting line of creativity that gets me hooked every time I open the first page. How amazing it is, to indulge in words that align with our minds and create images in our consciousness that makes us a part of the story all along. How we jump from one scene to another, bonding with the characters and feeling their emotions…this is just confounding.

Authors have to have a mind of their own to bring to life all these. So I’m proud to be a mini-author, taking you to another dimension in just three minutes. Books have a way of moving us. We need to concentrate to get the feeling and imagine the unimaginable. If you are blessed to be a creative and a reader, then you are definitely blessed to be imaginative with the thought patterns.

I wander through the pages, word by word, story by story, feeling the vehemence and dancing with the moments. The light that comes through the window shines through, making the words visible for me to read. With a thousand thoughts in mind, I wonder how it is to be in that fictional life. As the scenes come to life, I marvel at the intelligence and creativity of the author.

The reality that hits with every page, every story line, every chapter and the end of it all. Its a fascinating thing what they do to our minds, that makes us want to replicate what we have on our books to our daily routines. I still stick to the dimensions and inner world of the books and imagine as I walk to school, trying to imagine what it would be to just…

As I take a soul-searching tour down to the Coast, I get a new ingenuity to think and to feel. As I write, words flow out of my deepest thoughts to the mind to my notebook. The free life in this place, the care-free vibe. With swahili songs in the air, and people that care, I feel the need to tell the tale, and write even more. But as I also write, I’m reading even more. Because it is a whole new vibe in this atmosphere.

Different authors, different writings and different lives. It all comes together at some point…the creativity. I’m dying to know what’s next, feeling new exciting emotions as I turn the pages. I may not be reading every day, or be as much a bookworm as I ought to be, but whenever I open the pages, I wander off, because this is where my thoughts want to be.

Mary Obondi

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