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It’s been some decade here, really felt like it. But don’t worry, it’s still your one and only Mary Obondi! I am well assured of your well beings. My December has been pretty much about breathtaking landscapes and sceneries. I have been quite busy having fun and hadn’t gotten the chance to blog on my usual schedule, however, here I am! Back like a boomerang!


On this one sunny Saturday, we headed to Karura Forest for a hike. As usual, my ensemble comes first.Yes I was going green! Catchy, isn’t it? So my idea was to be in green combo because, well, you know, going to the land of greens.

There is so much serenity in one place, simply mindblowing! I couldn’t take my eyes off the nature around me. The funny thing was that, at some points, I forgot to take pictures, so much tranquility, but yes, I managed to take some, just for you.

It was a lovely hike, so magical I must say. We weren’t able to walk through the whole forest, you need alot of energy and strength like hulk! But we were delighted with the little we saw, you should go for a hike there too.

So while you feast your eyes on these amazing masterpiece I call nature, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year 2018!! So much love from yours truly.



Mary Obondi

5 thoughts on “GOING GREEN

  1. you are a mind changer you know… the pictures says it all… i think av gathered enough stregth of hulk to go through the whole forest 😂😂😂…

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