So rare, so fair, so neatly and wonderfully made it is. Proud of its color and definition. Standing tall in the crowd and always looking forward to more beauty. It is indeed the African skin.

The skin that is highly talked about, is always ready to face all the impediments that come its way, so that it can emerge the winner and prove its worth; its priceless worth.

The land, Africa, which is equally as fair as the skin, favors it astonishingly. Such an amazing sight to behold!

Never should it be replaced. Never should it be subjected to unfavorable conditions, but maintained, just the way it is, from ages to ages. The African skin it is.


Yours truly,

Mary Margaret.


Photography by: Dorsy Aluoch Obondi

Location: Kisumu

Make-up and dressed: Myself

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  1. This is so Beautiful.

    1. Thank you very much Dorsy❤❤🌸

  2. Beautiful.

    1. Thank you Love😊❤

  3. This is so beautiful, keep up the good work dear

  4. Beautiful, keep up the good work.

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