Seme, where it all begins. The land where we get to make the best of our memories, year after year. Hills that tower with glorifying trees, and natural pathways in between, deep and wide gulleys which made scenic art of nature and the awe-inspiring view of the Lake Victoria. The land known for remarkable artistic stones for instance Kit Mikayi, Mother Mary, just to mention a few.

The place where ‘we’ as relatives of the Joka Ogosi Family gather to visit our grandmother and have a time together. I always look forward to the moments where we make rich, finger-licking barbeque of all kinds, go for walks…across the gulleys…over the hills, climb the largest of stones and take lots of selfies and videos. I look forward to the good times, where we dance and sing, making merry, from one song to the other. It is always a good time. My family is the best support system.

I decided to go back and make some memories and also dress up for it! Here are some of the pictures, just to see what I am talking about.

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  1. Really Beautiful ❤ I love it

    1. Thank you very much my Love😍❤

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    1. Thank you Sweetheart❤❤

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