So..I was in a family get-together last weekend, such a great time it was..and there is no better way to be casual than to wear casual. It’s an easy wear when one is with their family and friends.

But here is the catch. There is a difference between throwing in clothes for a casual wear….and knowing how to achieve a casual wear look. So I thought about doing a print over print casual wear. I wore a printed collar shirt, together with a printed sweater, a tribal sweater; both of different designs. I paired it with blue jeans and white adidas with grey stripes. To make it look more exclusive, I added it with my clear sunnies. Pretty simple and stylish. Print on print is daring, but the trick is to know about the art of blending mechanism. Go out of your way and try it out!

Thank you for the view beautiful people,


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  1. I love this…

  2. Mary, this is just awesome

  3. Trevor Yuko says: Reply

    Awesome look cuz… Beauty has always been your gift. Never have I doubted that fact.

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