So..I was in a family get-together last weekend, such a great time it was..and there is no better way to be casual than to wear casual. It’s an easy wear when one is with their family and friends. But here is the catch. There is a difference between throwing in clothes for a casual wear….and […]


Colors are a good representation of what we feel, in terms of emotions to be specific. If perhaps you feel that you are incoherent, use colors…someone will understand you out there. I use colors to express my art, of any kind. Besides looking fabulous, glamorous, all lit-up in my wear, I’m saying something, quite obvious, […]


.Art is…let me say..exciting. It’s enticing…It should be telling you a story, a story beyond and out of the box. A story about life. My scarf has a story. It tells more, about life, more than imagined. And so is my outfit. It tells art. I express my life through my dressing. It’s fun, you […]


One of the things that drives me to go to school every day is to show off my wear, something fresh and probably new. The cold season is now here, the more reason to clad up and take pictures. It’s called having a passion for fashion. My cover-up is an ancient one but it has […]


What a way to end a day with a post. It’s insanely the cold season but the cold has got nothing on me…. Which means a got to freeze and shine at all costs! Now this is what we call the Classy Sassy. The peplum got me singing for days. With the twist of a […]


My love for fashion got me singing ‘perfect combo’ all the way. There is nothing as good as stepping out confident, knowing you wore it right! It so happens that am in love with red, literally a lover of red and its shades. It makes it even more enticing. So today I chose to pair […]


Do you know the advantage of having someone close…? Especially a sister who does Photography? She puts up with relentless begging, from me, so that I can have a photo session. If that doesn’t work, I use blackmail (of the highest order). Hahaa…but just to add sugar in the pan, she is the sweetest person […]


Hello! Feels good to be back. It’s been quite a while. What a summer! Hot it is. So today I chose to pair my little navy blue laced dress (I also call it my Royal blue dress) with a green cover-up . I really love the combination of blue and green, in this case the […]


Do you know the goodness of having the eye and mind if a tailor? You can make the good out of literally anything, and that is how I made this yellow skirt! I looked at the material and already pictured it into a skirt. The best thing is that I made it by hand. It […]


A family is the greatest gift from God. East or West, Home is best, that is, Family is the best destination. All the support comes from them first.Particularly when there is a celebration, we all converge and celebrate together. There will be laughter,tears of joy, merry-making and to grace the occasion, a word of Prayer […]