Hello beautiful world! So I wanted to have a little twist on my blog….and here we are!

So today I will hit it off with a DIY project…customizing your phone case! I have wanted a new phone cover. The thing is that I didn’t want to go for any random phone case, but one that suited my artistic desire. And that’s when a million dollar idea popped up…”Why not make my own phone cover!” I got straight to work.

It’s a pretty simple DIY that anyone can try out. The materials I used were; an old phone case, white tissue paper, wood glue, emulsion paint, paint, paint brushes and the sun! Start with layering your old phone case with small pieces of tissue paper together with glue in succession, both in the inside and the outer part. Once the first layer is done, leave it off to dry. The process will be repeated twice, careful enough not to cover the cut out areas of the phone case with tissue paper and glue.

As soon as the glue is dry, add two to three layers of emulsion paint to achieve that eye-catching white surface. Dry it again after each layer is applied.

My choice of decoration after the emulsion paint was to do my YRAM logo, which came out perfectly! I needed some motivation behind my phone…hahaa! To add beauty to my phone case, I applied some glitters from my glitter nail polish, which also acted as vanish. Viola! There you go, a customized phone cover. Do what you have to do…to do what you want to do! Until then…Au Revoir!

7 Replies to “DIY; PHONE CASE”

  1. You’re doing amazing sweetie 💟

    1. Thank you very much Love!😍😍

  2. This is good work you doing here. Keeping it real and original. Keep going on and on

    1. I appreciate it Eric😊😊

  3. I love it Mary! I need one too! for Christ Insights 😉

  4. this is creative

  5. Good job girl. Keep it up

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