1ST ANNIVERSARY!!! Wow, this is so exciting! And YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Even more exhilarating. It has been a journey alright. To see myself grow into a 21-year old, sweet, charming, ambitious, beautiful lady, is such a blessing. Lord, THANK YOU. Guys, brace yourselves, this post is going to be lengthy! Hahahaha! I’m so […]


In each and every life, there is a term called ‘simplicity’. It’s all about a simple life. An easy life is a ‘no worries’ life. And it is a simple as my outfit today, going blue! My blue jeans, blue tribal top, blue denim coat, choker, necklace, and sunnies. It was quite a simply day […]


A family is the greatest gift from God. East or West, Home is best, that is, Family is the best destination. All the support comes from them first.Particularly when there is a celebration, we all converge and celebrate together. There will be laughter,tears of joy, merry-making and to grace the occasion, a word of Prayer […]