.Art is…let me say..exciting. It’s enticing…It should be telling you a story, a story beyond and out of the box. A story about life.

My scarf has a story. It tells more, about life, more than imagined. And so is my outfit. It tells art. I express my life through my dressing. It’s fun, you should try it!

This life is too rare. It’s too sweet to be worrying. Live it and Love it. The little things in life make a difference and so are the great things in life.

Life has to be treated like an egg. It would be the greatest thing on earth. ┬áIt’s too much of a value. I cant give it up or drown it with sorrows that would overwhelm. And you only live once. So live once!

Yours truly,


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  1. Worn your smile just as well as your clothes nice …….

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