1ST ANNIVERSARY!!! Wow, this is so exciting! And YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Even more exhilarating. It has been a journey alright. To see myself grow into a 21-year old, sweet, charming, ambitious, beautiful lady, is such a blessing. Lord, THANK YOU. Guys, brace yourselves, this post is going to be lengthy! Hahahaha!

I’m so glad to have opened a blog and witness it turn a year old. Most importantly, I’m grateful to the person who helped me open my blog. Thank you to Denzel Dennis, a wonderful photographer, who brought up the idea of starting and opening it too. Through him, I made YRAM a reality and grew it to where it is at the moment. Thank you Dennis. My family and friends, wow, greatest support system and motivation all the way. Thank you too!

This life is only lived once. It sure has a lot of hardships, twisted roads, and great moments too. It all depends on you as an individual, on how you want to live it. I love the person I have become today, and the decisions I have made, and it starts from how I was raised to where I am now.

My childhood was one astonishing ride! This last born spot is fun fun fun! I love that I have grown up, listening to great hits from the likes of Whitney Houston, Stevey Wander, Michael Bolton, Maria McKee, Alexander O’Neal, on the African side Liquideep, Asa, Bucie, Heavy K and great folk songs of the Western world too, the list is endless. Music has a great impact on my life. The nurture and nature part of my life in general has been beautiful in one word, the values, ethics, culture, upbringing and many more.

The journey has not yet ended though, it has just picked up. I can’t wait to see what is in store for me, because I know it will be great! Always remember, you are one decision away from a totally different life, so make your choice wisely.

Lots of love from my side,



Photographer: Dorsy Aluoch Obondi.

Location: Kisumu, Nyanzaland.

Make-up and wardrobe: Myself.

12 Replies to “1ST ANNIVERSARY”

  1. Growing up and being the best you can be is journey you have undertaken. Stay blessed all through.

    1. Thank you very much Jimdy. I appreciate ❤

  2. Happy 1st annivesery… keep doing what you doing cz you are good at it..

    1. Thank you Carlos. I truly appreciate 😊😊

  3. eish

    1. Hahaaa…thank you😊

  4. Amazing work Mary.
    Happy happy birthday💖

    1. Thank you very much Lisa ❤❤

  5. Congratulation on good work well done happy anniversary to you
    Nice pose of snap

    1. Thank you Sammy! Appreciate it😊😊

  6. Awesome piece. The wardrobe is on point.

    1. Thank you very much Ogola😊😀

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