For the love of fashion, we make memories through our photos. I would like to call this page of memories my diary, fashion diary to be specific. My medium of communication is my clothing which is quite some art if I must say. In today’s fashion diary, I call it mother of all looks, based […]


Among the many achievements that I have always looked forward to do in my lifetime, is to design and make clothes that I can wear, around of course. And it is such an honor, to myself, that I can get to carry it out. Today’s outfit that gets to grace and bless my page is […]


Hello beautiful world! So I wanted to have a little twist on my blog….and here we are! So today I will hit it off with a DIY project…customizing your phone case! I have wanted a new phone cover. The thing is that I didn’t want to go for any random phone case, but one that […]


1ST ANNIVERSARY!!! Wow, this is so exciting! And YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Even more exhilarating. It has been a journey alright. To see myself grow into a 21-year old, sweet, charming, ambitious, beautiful lady, is such a blessing. Lord, THANK YOU. Guys, brace yourselves, this post is going to be lengthy! Hahahaha! I’m so […]


So rare, so fair, so neatly and wonderfully made it is. Proud of its color and definition. Standing tall in the crowd and always looking forward to more beauty. It is indeed the African skin. The skin that is highly talked about, is always ready to face all the impediments that come its way, so […]


What is serenity, if you don’t acknowledge its meaning in your life. We express our serenity in what we do; how we carry ourselves around, how we talk, how we dress, it’s basically what we do in our daily lives and even in the nature around us. I express my serenity mainly in my passion […]


The old school trend is now on the highway, hitting the biggest charts of the fashion industry. It is not only old and new at the same time, but it is also gold. The old school trend is coming back in the fanciest ways! There are several wears of the old school mania, which is […]


Seme, where it all begins. The land where we get to make the best of our memories, year after year. Hills that tower with glorifying trees, and natural pathways in between, deep and wide gulleys which made scenic art of nature and the awe-inspiring view of the Lake Victoria. The land known for remarkable artistic […]


In each and every life, there is a term called ‘simplicity’. It’s all about a simple life. An easy life is a ‘no worries’ life. And it is a simple as my outfit today, going blue! My blue jeans, blue tribal top, blue denim coat, choker, necklace, and sunnies. It was quite a simply day […]


Success is best served on a hardworking plate. Choose the best of plates, make it clean and decorate it to your perfection.. I missed watching the view of the lake, it’s such a spectacular sight! So full of life with intricate sceneries, one of the most picturesque places in Kisumu. I termed today’s look as […]