Feels good to wake up from my beauty sleep. Oh, pardon me, good afternoon from this side of the world! Feels like 1963 hahaa. But don’t you worry… while I was sleeping, I was busy match-making and slaying in my dreams! I was thinking of doing a comeback, of which I did precisely love […]


In with all manners of excitement, and out with memories that last a lifetime. That is the best phrase I can use to describe what Seme is all about. It never grows old, in fact, it’s just getting funky. And the credits should not be left un-awarded, because, whoever invented the camera, should be given […]


Hello Earthlings! It’s been some decade here, really felt like it. But don’t worry, it’s still your one and only Mary Obondi! I am well assured of your well beings. My December has been pretty much about breathtaking landscapes and sceneries. I have been quite busy having fun and hadn’t gotten the chance to blog […]


Among the many achievements that I have always looked forward to do in my lifetime, is to design and make clothes that I can wear, around of course. And it is such an honor, to myself, that I can get to carry it out. Today’s outfit that gets to grace and bless my page is […]


1ST ANNIVERSARY!!! Wow, this is so exciting! And YAY! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! Even more exhilarating. It has been a journey alright. To see myself grow into a 21-year old, sweet, charming, ambitious, beautiful lady, is such a blessing. Lord, THANK YOU. Guys, brace yourselves, this post is going to be lengthy! Hahahaha! I’m so […]


So rare, so fair, so neatly and wonderfully made it is. Proud of its color and definition. Standing tall in the crowd and always looking forward to more beauty. It is indeed the African skin. The skin that is highly talked about, is always ready to face all the impediments that come its way, so […]